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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where can I find the weekly schedule of Coast to Coast AM shows?

A: Click on the Upcoming Shows link, under "Shows" on the navigation bar running on the top of all pages.

Q: Where can I find stations that broadcast Coast to Coast AM in my area? My local affiliate doesn't play all of Coast to Coast AM or has discontinued the program. What can I do?

A: Our Affiliates section contains a clickable map, where you can choose the area or state you are looking for. The link for the Affiliates page appears on the horizontal Navigation Bar, near the top of the page. We don't have control over local affiliates decisions of how and when they broadcast our show. For instance, in some markets, you may hear only 3 out of 4 hours of show. (Conversely some stations might play 6 hours of the show, repeating 2 hours of the previous night). If you have issues with your local affiliates' scheduling of Coast to Coast AM, your best bet, is to contact them directly to let them know how you feel. Links to radio stations' web sites are provided in our Affiliates section. You may also want to consider taking advantage of our Coast Insider membership service or XM Satellite Radio.

Q: I want to find out the artist of one of the bumper music songs played on the radio show. Where can I get this information?

A: To find out what songs are played on Coast to Coast AM, just check the nightly Bumper Music list. You can get to it by visiting the corresponding show page (date listed for a show when you click on Shows on the horizontal navigation bar). Once you get to that page, scroll down past the show recap, and you'll see the list. The list is typically posted after the live show airs at 2AM PT/5AM ET.

Q: I missed getting the link for a guest that appeared on the show a few days ago. How can I find this?

A: The Shows option (upper navigation bar) takes you to a list of programs, with the most recent at the top. A drop down menu allows you to choose shows by date, year, host, and category. To get links to guests' websites and/or books, click the date of the appropriate show, and this will take you to the "Show Page" which contains information associated with a particular program, as well as some items that were posted on the homepage on that date. You can also look up guest bios on the master guest list which is available under Guests on the top navigation bar. Additionally, our handy Search Bar (top, right corner) is useful for looking up information on guests or topics.

Q: I wasn't able to write down the phone number for one of the sponsors of the radio program. Do you have contact info?

A: Here is a list of some of the sponsors who have advertised on the show:

Q: How do I go about submitting an image to the Coast to Coast website?

A: Details about submitting your images and a release form are available on this page.

Q: How do I submit music for George Noory's 'New Music Sundays'?

A: Submission details are posted here.

Q: I can't find an item or article on the web page that the host referred to on the radio program. Where should I look for this?

A: You may find articles mentioned by the host posted in the "In the News" section, on the bottom right of the home page. If the show you are listening to is more than a day old, the link may have moved off the home page. Just click on "More Stories" at the bottom of the "In the News" section to view older articles. The host may also refer to items under Featured (center column of home page). If you are looking for a feature item that they mentioned on a past show, it is likely available on the individual Show Page (locate via Past Shows) for that program. You can also locate material on the articles archive or use the Search Bar to find items.   If you have our web page open during a live broadcast, and a link has been added during the show, you may need to hit your browser REFRESH button in order to view.

Q: I'd like to print out material from the website. How can I do this?

A: On a given page such as Show Recap and Upcoming Shows, click on the small printer icon located on the bar underneath the page title. It is automatically set to print in black text on a white background.

Q: The text size is too small for me to read. What can I do about this?

A: You can do this from your web browser, by hitting the control button on your keyboard, and then + or -. Ctrl-0 brings the font back to its default size.

Q: Where can I find information about advertising on the Coast to Coast AM website or radio show?

A: For details about online advertising opportunities on CoasttoCoastAM.com, please contact advertising@premierenetworks.com.

Q: I'm a Coast Insider (Streamlink) subscriber. How do I make changes to my account? Why can't I hear programs older than three years? Where do I find the Show Clips? Where is the low bandwidth alternative for the archives? How do I listen to the show live? How do I Podcast?

A: Coast Insiders can find various options in the Members Area (Insider Audio), located in the right column of the homepage. To make changes to your account click on My Account. If you need assistance with using the service, go to the HELP area.

As advertised, the complete Coast Insider archives extend back to five full years of past shows. Shows older than that are listed in our archive for informational purposes, as well as featuring shorter Show Highlights. To find Highlights (short segments), click on the date of any corresponding "Show Page". You can get to these by clicking on the Past Shows option on the upper navigation bar. Once you get to the show page, you'll see the clips in the Show Audio box near the top of the page. These clips remain a permanent part of the Coast Insider archive.
To find the low bandwidth choice (8k) for the full archived programs, use the same instructions in the above paragraph.

The listen live or "Now Playing" option, appears on the site, in the Insider Audio area (yellow type, right column of homepage) during live broadcast hours starting at 10pm Pacific. You may need to hit your browser's REFRESH button if you've already had the page open.

Podcast info and set-up is posted here.

For general technical information, you may also visit our support site.

Q: Where can I purchase tapes or transcripts of the shows? Is the program available as an mp3 download?

A: Cassette sales of the program have been discontinued at this time and we do not sell transcripts. However, Coast Insiders can download mp3 files of the last three years of shows which can be burned onto CD discs or played on portable mp3 players. More details.

Q: I have signed-up for the CoastZone newsletter but have either never received it or stopped receiving it. How can I fix this?  How do I temporarily stop the newsletter from being delivered?

A: You can manage your CoastZone account by logging in here. If you are not receiving the newsletter, even though you are correctly signed-up, please add nightwatch@coasttocoastam.com to your address book, and list it as a trusted email address in your spam software. Also check your spam or junk mail folders to see if the newsletter might be going there. If that doesn't help, try signing up using an alternate email address (perhaps Yahoo or Gmail) as the problem could be due to a setting within your email client or ISP.

Q: Where are call-in numbers for the show? How do I contact a show host/producer/webmaster? Where can I suggest a guest or topic for the show?

A: Click on Contact on the upper left corner of all pages for this information.

Q: Sometimes the schedule listings on the homepage appear old or out of date. How can I view current listings?

A: Occasionally people's browsers can become stuck and not reflect the most current data. If you are not seeing up-to-date schedule information, try holding down CTRL and hitting the REFRESH button at the same time on your browser. If that doesn't work, you can also try emptying your cache (Tools/Internet Options/General/Delete Temporary Files).

Q: Does Coast to Coast participate in social networks?

A: Yes, we currently offer a Facebook page, and Twitter and Instagram feeds. Other C2C-related sites you might run across are unofficial.


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