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Halloween Gallery 2012 Part One, Page 2

"Midnight"     This oil on canvas is a portrait that I've done of my cat Midnight in a graveyard. She is unique because she wandered onto our property as a stray on 10-31 of 2008. She has been with us ever since...     --Jeremy A. Doss     website

"Trick or Treat"     --Anna Marine     website

"Franky Monster" --How a Trick r Treater thinks he looks on Halloween night. --Scott 'Scoot' McMahon     scootcomics.com

"The (not so) Great Pumpkin"     --Orlando Rodriguez     website

"The Halloween Beast!"     --Michael D. Bonfiglio     michaellalala.com

"Purifying Agent"     --Nizin Lopez     website

"Ghost"     --Jason Jam     jason@jamcomics.com     jamcomics.com

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