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Halloween Gallery 2012 Part Two

Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2012. Part 1 of the Gallery can be found here. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork!

Here is something I threw together for you guys and girls at C2C. A little Halloween art fun called "Why Not," because when I ran across this call for Halloween art on your website I smiled and thought to myself, 'I have way to much to do today, but... why not!' -- 'Experimental Perceptions'

"Midnight Snack"     --Chris Caldwell     Chris@caldwellink.com     caldwellink.com

"Forest Dweller" --Danish Ehsan

"Moths"     --Zero Lopez     zerolopez.com

"Halloween Knights"     --Scoot McMahon     scootcomics.com

This is a sculpture I made and painted.     --Jeff Gaither     Gaither.art@gmail.com     jeffgaither.com

"Trick or Treat"     --Phillip Cohen

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