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Halloween Gallery 2017, Part One

Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2017. Part 2 of the Gallery is posted here. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork!

"The Watcher"     --Jason Jam     jamcomics.com

"Sleep Paralysis"     watercolor     --Jenny Mathews     Jennymmathews.com     Jenny1386@Gmail.com

"Residents"     pencil on typewriter paper     --Julian Penrod     julianpenrod@comcast.net

"Hand"     --Noel Tuazon     twitter.com/NoelMTuazon

--Mehlow Vieghking     Ontario, Canada

"Eye of Destiny"     --Mitzella     thehouseofsloth.com

    --Craig Kandell     ckk-ink.com     craig@ckk-ink.com

--Payton Pringle     Paytonpringle@hotmail.com

"Black Cat/Blue Eyes"     acrylic on canvas     --Christine M. Kulper     cmkulper@aol.com

"Shadowman"     --Karol KoĹ›ciuszko       behance.net

Cont. in Part Two

Last Night

Marc McPherson discussed high strangeness associated with Canada's Nahanni National Park, including a region called "The Valley of Headless Men." Next, Arlen Schumer talked about Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone. Open Lines followed in the latter half.

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