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Halloween Gallery 2017, Part Two

Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2017, Part 2. View Part 1 of the Gallery here. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork!

Halloween Postcard     --Michael LALALA Bonfiglio     michaellalala.com

"Overdue"     watercolor     --Thomas Wilk     tmwilk@att.net

My family and I were on a Cemetery Ghost Walk on Saturday the 21st of October at Fort Buford Cemetery near Williston, N. Dakota. Actors volunteer to portray soldiers and people of that era. The photo is of an actress portraying seamstress/laundress Emma Durand, who was accosted by a "very large Indian" while she was gathering water at the Missouri river confluence. She fell into the river and after swimming out of the frigid water ran to the Fort where she became ill and died of pneumonia!     --Frank A. Vargo

I took this photo about 7 years, at a park around the corner from my place.     --John Burns

"The Haunted Hallow"     watercolor     --Daniel Dougherty     snow-monster.deviantart.com

This piece bead embroidery art is titled "Blood Rose" and is just finished for Halloween. It depicts two fairies collecting drops of blood from the rose, as a garden of jeweled blood flowers grow beneath.     --Cabrena Dillon     cabrenadillon@yahoo.com

    --Bill Oliver     boysoblue.com

"2 Hearse Power"     The Hearse was from a photo of a real hearse in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.     --Candace M. Bebout-Erickson

--James Thomas

"Broken Branch"     acrylic     --Jackie Irwin     jackie-irwin.pixels.com

"Don't Look Behind You"     --Tim R. Swartz     trswartz@hotmail.com

--James K. Polk     james-knox-polk.tumblr.com

"Alien Trick or Treat"     --Lonnie Ekstrom     kamko55@yahoo.com

--Jo Ann Koch

"Skulls With Blood"     drawing, ink on paper     --Nizin R. Lopez     nizinlopez.deviantart.com

-------------------- View Part One of the Gallery


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