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Halloween Gallery 2018, Part One

Here are the first half of our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2018! Part 2 of the Gallery is posted here. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork!

"Witch's Company"     --Jason Jam     jamcomics.com

Portrait of Poe     --Seth Licata     Montague City, MA     @guitars2fix

Untitled    --Sharaya Brooks Miracle     @SharayaBrooks

"Tribute to Erzebet Bathory"     Ink on paper     --Mr Nizin R. Lopez     deviantart.com/nizinlopez

"Aspen's Dream"     --Donny Rage

"Aghori Temple Varanasi"     --Dave B.

"The Encounter"     --Stephanie Belinda Quinn     stephaniebelindaquinn@gmail.com

"Art Bell Celebrates from the Other Side"     --Lonnie Ekstrom     kamko55@yahoo.com

Looking for a Treat?     --Kevin Carroll, NYC     kcny1c@yahoo.com

View Part Two of the Gallery.