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Holly Deyo Images

Holly Deyo Images

The following images were provided by Holly Deyo to accompany her segment on the 6/29/12 show.

This first shot is just one small segment of the Mountain Shadows subdivision, just west of Colorado Springs, that's been devastated. As of today, 347 homes have burned to the ground. This does not take into account other homes that will be certified unlivable and subsequently demonilshed due to heat, water and smoke damage. This is an unimaginable disaster.

Most homes were destroyed on a street, one right next door was spared. Go figure. That's like the craziness of tornadoes.

Download a larger image here.

Drought Monitor's forecast for the next 3 months. We are really in BIG trouble as literally HALF of our country is forecast to be in the worst drought since the 30's Dust Bowl. Food in the heartland is already imperiled due to drought - and this is just the beginning.


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