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Jan Irvin Images II

6) Pelz Nickel or Krampus in some European versions of the Christmas story, is Saint Nicholas’s (Santa’s) devilish helper. He comes from an amalgamation of Herne, Pan and old shamanic and pagan themes. He deals the punishment to naughty children.

7) Amanita is the mushroom of the fairy tales, the mushroom of the elves and gnomes and dwarves. And of Course Santa Claus has elves – Santa is an Elf. Santa is also the mushroom, shown here with his red and white garb and black boots – just like the mushroom.

8) A standard Christmas ornament in the shape of an Amanita muscaria mushroom. Ornaments like these can be found all over Ebay and other websites by searching “antique ornaments.”

9) The chimney sweep, who carries us up the ladder to enlightenment, or to the higher states of consciousness brought by the mushrooms they’re holding. The clover represents good luck, as does the mushroom. The children in the image on the left are drinking wine while holding the mushrooms, showing reference to their ability to intoxicate.

10) Cardinal O'Connor next to an Amanita muscaria mushroom, showing the similarity. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

11) Plaincourault fresco, 1291, France. Depicts Adam and Eve on either side of a mushroom tree in a Christian Chapel in France. This image was hotly debated for decades until recently when more evidence was found that substantiated Allegro’s theory.

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