Japan Gripped by Wave of Phantom Ships!

Over the last month, a series of abandoned fishing vessels have washed ashore along the Japanese coastline with scant evidence as to their origin and eerily containing the corpses of the sailors who once helmed the fleet.

The mystery began early in November when four ghost ships ran aground on the Japanese coast and were followed by an additional seven ships that were discovered throughout the month.

As Japanese officials have begun recovering the ships, reports have emerged of unsettling "skeleton-like" corpses being found on board with the total number of bodies reaching twenty so far.

An investigation into the wave of ghost ships has yielded only a scrap of fabric believed to be from a North Korean flag and a sole hand-painted sign which says "Korean People's Army."

These tantalizing clues as well as the rudimentary nature of the boats have led to speculation that the ghost ships came from a North Korean fishing fleet gone awry.

Others have theorized that the ships may have deliberately strayed off course in an attempt to flee the oppressive North Korean government, but were ill-equipped to find their way to freedom because the ships lacked any GPS equipment.

Since the state of the bodies suggest that the ships have been adrift for quite some time, determining exactly how and why they became abandoned will likely remain a mystery unless a fortunate survivor can be found.

H/T: Daily Mail

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