Marzulli 11/13/14 Images

In tandem with his presentation on the 11/13/14 show, L.A. Marzulli shares a set of images:

1) Hair Samples Spectrograph

2) 'Lance' object retrieved from the Michigan Wilderness

3) Six-fingered skeleton

4) Elongated skull found on Catalina

5) Large skeleton with Ralph Glidden, Catalina. Analysis images below

6) What did Bruce Fenton Discover? Lost City? Giant hammer? Nephilim architecture?

7)The Berg Aukas Femur

8) Line from Stonehenge New Hampshire to Stonehenge England

9) Line bisecting Gigal & Baalbek

10) Drawing of a elongated skull from 1842!

11) The Paracas people?

12) Elongated skull in Nazca Museum

13) Dreadlocked skull

14) Six-fingered hand on tapestry, Lima

For more, visit L.A. Marzulli's website.


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