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Matthew LaCroix Images

Matthew LaCroix provides images related to his 8-10-17 appearance discussing consciousness and ancient symbols.

Image 1 - The Greek god of Poseidon, 2nd century BC.

Image 2- Sumerian god Ninurta, represented by the symbol of the double headed eagle. The war god.

Image 3- Byzantine Eagle adoption by the Christian Church 12th Century. Seal of Ivan 3rd in Russia, 12th century, just after the collapse of the Roman Empire. This represents the merging of religion with the eagle.

Image 4- Seal of the United States

Image 5- St. Patrick's Day and banishing "snakes" Druids.

Image 6 - Kukulkan's Temple, Chichen Itza, Mexico

Image 7 - Eagle eating pine (seed of knowledge) alongside Kukulkan and snakes.

Image 8 - Medical caduceus symbol and snakes.

Image 9 - Atrahasis cuneiform tablet, Noah.