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Michael Fitzhugh Bell Images

Michael Fitzhugh Bell shares a set of images and captions related to his 9-27-17 appearance.

1) "My own actual MRI image clearly showing an unnatural foreign object (biomedical implant) positioned at the base of my brain. This foreign object is not an organic part of the human body. I have covert surgery incision scars adjacent to this area on my head."

2) "This is an actual photograph of an Organized Stalker using a technique know as "street theatre" or "posing". This is a subtle, covert method of harassment performed to terrorize and torment the Targeted Individual. It is also known as a odd or bizarre behavior technique pattern."

3) "This is a photograph of another Organized Stalking Vehicle called "Brighting". The bright lights of the vehicle are on during the day. Note: The Perpetrator knows that they are being filmed so they have turned their back to the camera. Also note, that the front door is open as well as the trunk. This is classic, subtle covert harassment and examples of Organized Stalking."

4) "Here is a photograph of a classic example of an actual perpetrator vehicle parked by itself and empty left for the Targeted Individual to see to remind them that the criminal group is there watching them. Note the condition of the vehicle, run-down, dirty with faded paint and different colored panels of paint. There are many scratches and dents. This is what is called a "marker" and it's a textbook example of Organized Stalking. It's left in an area where the Targeted Individual will see. Alternately, these vehicle types are often parked adjacent to or near the Targeted Individual's parked vehicle whenever they go out in public."

5) "Photograph of a Electronic Harassment/ Bioelectronic Torture Countermeasure Device called "The Earthing Device".

6) "Here is an excellent close-up actual photograph showing a Morgellons Disease Cocoon."

7) "Here is a magnified image of a single Morgellons Disease Cocoon found in my residence. I explain these cocoons in great detail as in my new book. It's my understanding that I'm a part of a vast human experimentation program, part of the U.S. Biological Weapons program. These images are a fact, demonstration and proof that these Morgellons Disease Cocoons are real. It's not hard to see that Morgellons Disease Cocoons are incredibly complex and highly evolved biological organism."

For more, check out images from one of Bell's previous C2C appearances.


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