Newly Released Footage: Bigfoot Carrying Something?

A video shot in 2008 but recently released online may show the legendary Bigfoot in the vicinity of Bluff Creek, California-- the same area the creature was reportedly first filmed. The shaky and grainy video shows a crouching bipedal figure with a bag of some sort. The famous 1967 Patterson-Gimlin footage of Bigfoot was filmed in Bluff Creek, and plaster casts of prints were first obtained there.

Bigfoot researcher MK Davis was shooting stock footage for a friend’s production company and didn’t see anything out of ordinary, but when he later examined the footage he spotted movement on the lower right. Using software to stabilize the footage, Davis claims it shows a dark figure moving a cloth in its hands in the shadows beside a stream. "It was really dark when I filmed it and I was quite zoomed in at the time so I didn't see anything," Davis said. "We saw some large prints too so we thought there might be these creatures in the area but we didn't see any more than that."

Watch the footage below:

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