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Photographer Infiltrates Abandoned Disney Park

March 21, 2016

An enterprising photographer has captured unnerving images from an abandoned water park hidden within the confines of Walt Disney World.

Once the site of countless family vacations, Disney's River Country water park opened in 1976 was a featured part of the entertainment complex until it was shut down in 2001.

However, rather than raze the park, the company simply closed off the location from visitors and allowed nature to overtake the buildings and attractions found inside.

Despite attempts by the company to thwart trespassers, photographer Seph Lawless recently managed to gain access to River Country park and produced a number of chilling images from the location.

The haunting photographs of the once-bustling tourist attraction show a veritable 'ghost park' overrun by vegetation but still boasting a number of now-dilapidated structures from the site's heyday.

Aside from taking some truly remarkable and rare images, Lawless hoped that his efforts would raise awareness of Disney's worrisome decision to simply leave the park as it was and not clean up the area.

Nonetheless, company officials are not too happy with the unwanted publicity for River Country Park and have told Lawless that he is now banned from Walt Disney World.

Given the company's propensity to derive profit from any number of unexpected avenues, perhaps Disney will see fit to re-open River Country Park as a creepy new attraction for visitors looking for something scarier than the Haunted Mansion.

Source: Daily Mail

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