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Polaroid Ghost Photos

Writer Joe Augustyn and paranormal investigator Bill Murphy sent us several images related to tonight's topic.

Q - Are you here for us or the house?
A - genius loci
English Translation - the guardian spirit of a man or a place

Notice the vine-like shapes surrounding the word "weak"; also note the shape of the letters.

I bought Polaroid film in 2012 as it's been discontinued. I returned to the with home with dozens of witnesses, had them open the sealed film and insert in various Polaroid cameras different people brought. Here we are 20 years after it began and it's the same vine-like shapes surrounding what looks like the same writing style appearing in instantly developing film.

With Polaroid film and cameras supplied by the network for the show I hosted, Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files, I took this photo in 2010.


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