Richard C. Hoagland 12/17/14 Images

In tandem with his 12/17/14 appearance, Richard C. Hoagland shares a set of images & descriptions related to his presentation. Click on photos to enlarge.
Figure 1) This NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) image -- PIA 18932 -- presents a close-up of an enigmatic Martian surface feature, nick-named "waffle city." Crossing this heavily-eroded, roughly mile-wide , ancient circular formation are three sets of separate linear, "cable-like features" -- looking suspiciously like "tramlines on Mars" (see inset enlargement). The "tramlines" continued visibility, even against deep background shadows, provides compelling proof that this linear feature is (somehow) suspended ABOVE the underling surface -- only possible for an artificial cable ....Is this the first discovered "Martian tourist trap?"

Figure 2) In this official European Space Agency (ESA) color image of "comet" 67P, one can easily see towering, geometric structures studding its topmost "apex." Enlargement of these features (insets) reveals the outlines of unmistakable, eroded "building-like architecture" on the "comet's" surface -- compelling evidence that 67P is NOT a "natural comet," but was once some kind of ancient interplanetary habitat ... a spaceship!

Figure 3) This color OSIRIS camera close-up of 67P's entire striking "apex architecture" (seen in Figure 2) leaves little doubt that 67 P is NOT an object "shaped by natural forces" -- but one on which a stunning variety of massive, ancient artificial structures "still stand watch" ....Why are they there? And, who made them ... for us to one day find? Stay tuned.

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