Richard C. Hoagland Mars Images

In tandem with his 7/2/13 appearance, Richard C. Hoagland sends a set of images & descriptions related to his presentation.

1) NASA close-up of the infamous "Face on Mars," revealing that the eastern (right) side is composed, not of rock, but of some kind of "exotic materials" -- which brilliantly reflect light, and create intense "prismatic colors" in the process -- totally unnatural behavior for any "natural" Martian mesa. Click on image to view larger.

2) Two side-by-side images, taken on two different orbits by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft in 2007, of a startling "Reuleaux Tetrahedral Pyramid" on Mars in the "Candor Chasma" region. This remarkable structure was discovered on an earlier Mars Surveyor image by the late Wilmer Faust; the more recent MRO images reveal that two faces are still relatively undamaged, while the third (top) has substantially collapsed, distorting the previously precise geometric construction. Click on image to view larger.

3) Enterprise Mission geometric projection of a "Reuleaux Tetrahedron" onto the mysterious, eroded form of "Mt. Sharp" -- the enigmatic "mountain" dominating the interior of the 100-mile-wide Gale Crater, which NASA's Curiosity rover is currently exploring on Mars.

4) Enterprise Mission artistic recreation of what a pristine "Reuleaux Tetrahedral Pyramid" would look, like as seen from space, if an ancient Type II Civilization created it in Gale Crater millions of years ago on Mars. Click on image to view larger.

5) Mysterious "manufactured-looking cylinder" discovered nearby by the Curiosity Rover, in August, 2012 -- shortly after its successful landing in Gale Crater, on Mars.

6) Curiosity close-up of a remarkable "Nike on Mars" -- a sneaker-looking object located on top of the sands close to the Rover, at the initial Curiosity Rover landing site; a series of Enterprise Missio artistic sketches highlight details seen in the original Curiosity image. Click on image to view larger.

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