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Steve Huff's Audio From Beyond

Paranormal researcher Steve Huff has provided several sound samples to accompany his appearance on the 7/23/16 program.

Huff's Been Chosen - Wonder Box - Divination Box App Android, All Reverse Speech

The Name of Who's Here: God, They're Immortal - SP1 with Radio Hack

Slowly Our Sleeping Will Possess You - Wonder Box - Reverse Speech

I Will Meet God - SP1 with Radio Scan Spirit Box

He Coming... Spirit

Inferior (Hell)

Go To Bed Now - 3AM Session - SCD-1 - Wonder Box

You Are Enlightened

End Sickness

Angels Will Help Us - SCD-1 and Wonder Box

I'm with Your Angel

You're My Friend - SCD-1 and Wonder Box

How Many Are Here?: There's Many - Radio Shack Hack

Who Am I Speaking With?: Bob, Eric - SCD-1 and Wonder Box

Michael Jackson Session - Wonder Box - I'm Happy - Reverse Speech ITC

Michael Jackson Session - I Went To The Light, Heaven - Reverse Speech ITC

Gimme That Light! - Radio Shack Hack

Alot of You Around Me?: I'm Dead... Yes

Can You Say Wonder Box?

In Hell


Johnny Cash Session - Anything You Want To Say To Fans, Family, or Frends: I Miss Them... I'm Coming Through

Johnny Cash Sessions - Has Johnny Cash Gone To The Light? Has Johnny Cash Gone To Heaven?: No!

Johnny Cash Music ITC In Reverse - Do You Have A Message?: In Hell

Johnny Cash Music ITC In Reverse - Can You Come Through With This Using A Song?: Don't Lose Me In Hell

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