Thomas Colbert's Updated DB Cooper Documents

Thomas Colbert shares additional pieces of evidence in his ongoing D.B. Cooper investigation.

FBI Cover-Up

FBI Escape Redactions
FBI Stonewalling - Letter to Director, 11-6-17
FBI Stonewalling - Response from Director, 1-17-18
Memo-JEH on Letter #5 - 6 DBC Redacts
Memo on Letter #5 - 7th DBC Redact

Cover-Up & Disinformation

FBI Lie - SAC Frank Montoya

FBI Offices Disagree

Plane Non-Disclosure, Redact Witness & Runway, 12-4-71

Evidence Documents

Rackstraw's Timeline of 22 False Identities
Challenging FBI's Rackstraw Clearing
Declarations of Proof of FBI's Rackstraw Interest

1980s: The Fake Lieutenant-Colonel

Top 10 Facts: DBC Suspect Robert Rackstraw

Media Releases

Written "Evidence" of D.B. Cooper's Clean Getaway
Sleuths Crack Secret Code in Hijacker Letter, Identify "D.B. Cooper"
Rackstraw is Linked to All 5 "D.B. Cooper" Notes and CIA Black Ops
Decoded "D.B. Cooper" Messages

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