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Video: Hunting Bigfoot In Oklahoma

Things are not OK in Oklahoma as Bigfoot is said to be on the prowl - and a news crew has joined the hunt for the mysterious creature.

"Some have hunted it, others have encountered it. But many don't believe it exists. We're talking about Bigfoot and hundreds of hunters worldwide believe this mysterious creature exists," KWTV-News Oklahoma reported. They sent reporters and a camera crew to a gathering of the Mid American Bigfoot Research Center in Stillwell to get the lowdown on the hairy hominid.

Some members have reported hearing weird howling noises. Others claim to have encountered the creature first hand.

D.W. Lee, the executive director for the MABRC told the KWTV crew, "I really wasn't looking for it - it just happened."

"I was looking through a night vision scoop. And he popped up and looked at us for a couple of seconds, and then it went down and rose back up and looked at us again."

Lee said that MABRC has 500 members worldwide – many of them devoted to solving the ongoing mystery of Bigfoot.

"It's just a big screaming monkey the way I see it," Lee divulged. "They look like a gorilla but they walk on two legs just like we do. They know to stay away from anything that can harm them."

The group meets once a month and heads off into the unknown – setting up basecamp with hidden parabolic microphones and infrared cameras. The researchers then march into the thickets making as much noise as possible in an attempt to lure the hairy creature out into the open. Hopefully, to gather recordings and a possible photo.


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