Watch: UFO Spotted Near the ISS?

April 19, 2016

UFO researchers watching the NASA live feed broadcast from the ISS believe they may have observed a horseshoe-shaped object hovering near the space station.

While it is hard to discern the distance of the odd object near the ISS, it certainly appears to be out of place in the scene.

Making the footage all the more intriguing, NASA promptly cut the transmission of the feed shortly after the 'UFO' appeared in the picture and did not resume broadcasting until an hour later.

Setting aside the skeptical reasons for the anomaly in the footage, such as lens flare or other photographic distortion, the video raises some puzzling questions should it be UFO-related.

Given that this scenario of UFOs being seen in the ISS live feed followed by the broadcast being cut has happened before and gotten media attention, one wonders why NASA continues to use this tactic.

There is, of course, the possibility that these outages of the feed happen all time and are only noticed when UFOs seem to appear.

However, one would think that a space agency long-plagued by UFO conspiracy claims would have revealed this information in order to squelch these stories.

They did, after all, quickly respond to the 'moon music' tale which made the rounds earlier this year.

If the object is some kind of craft, it seems far more likely that it is of human origin and simply something we are not supposed to know about yet.

Or the aliens are incredibly fascinated by our rudimentary spaceship, much to NASA's chagrin.

Alas, we may never know.

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Source: Daily Mail

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