Demonic Visage

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From demonologist Carl L. Johnson, guest on the 12/6/20 show:

"The picture...reveals what very well may be a demonic visage. It was taken by Tony Marin, a former client who with his family: wife Tina and children, in tow was fleeing his/their house in Coventry, Rhode Island. He had the presence of mind to return to the house and retrieve his camera before getting back into his car and driving away. As he did so, Tony witnessed an apparently in-human figure at the top of the stairs, and took the photo I'm sharing with you, not then knowing if any image would be visible.

Tony has granted me permission to display his picture in the hope it can educate others about the realities of such horrifying manifestations. To the best of my knowledge, this image is genuine, not photoshopped, overlayed nor otherwise contrived."


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