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Coral Castle Machine Closeups

On the left is a closeup picture of the energy generator at Coral Castle. It is obvious that this rotated about a central spindle; off the the right is a capacitor.

On the wall (right) were some of the electronic components that were found at Coral Castle. I recognize some of the devices: 1.) RF Resonator tubes 2.) Transformers 3.) RF tuning coils 4.) Open air transformer coils 5.) Transformer ferrite forms. 6.) Hand turned radio transmitter coils wound about bottles. These would tune long RF ( radio frequency ) waves. Perhaps they were used to cause the stones to vibrate at a sympathetic frequency... Most of these components appear to be for tuning and transforming radio waves. To what end, we may really never know. Maybe some of the other listeners can identify some other components, and postulate on what they all did...

--Michael Rosenberg