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Nuclear Weapons Delay UFO Conference

February 26, 2011-- Travel to last Saturday's UFO Truth Event - featuring Peter Davenport and Nick Redfern - in Port Townsend, Washington was delayed for some attendees due to the sudden closure of the Hood Canal Bridge owing to the passage of an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine likely carrying nuclear weapons. Police secured both ends of the lonely bridge in remote western Washington as the submarine - under escort of half-a-dozen Coast Guard ships and small craft bristling with weaponry - put to sea.

Some area residents have noted increased secure maritime traffic out of Naval Base Kitsap, one of the Navy's two nuclear weapons facilities, in recent weeks. In 1998 more than a dozen witnesses reported a blue-green flying disc-shaped object in western Washington that hovered over Naval Base Kitsap. More images are available at my blog, parapolitical.com.



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