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'Alien' Abduction

In the middle of the night in 1995 I somehow ended up in a room full of several dozen people wearing pajamas, night gowns, underwear and some totally naked. There was a lot of moaning and crying from the disoriented people milling around. Nobody, including me, seemed to know what was going on. One by one the people in this group were taken to another room by humans who wore white lab coats over dark clothing. Eventually it was my turn and I ended up on an exam table, with my skeletal muscles paralyzed, lying flat on my back. I was still conscious but sedated. A small screen had been placed just above my waist making it impossible for me to see what was taking place at the 'business' end of things. There were bright spot lights illuminating an otherwise dark room. At some point the sedation wore off enough so that I could let out a profanity-laced demand to know what was going on. I saw a human head stick out from behind the small partition for a spit second, to be quickly replaced by a cardboard cutout of an alien head for me to see. This seems to have been a ruse intended to make me think I had been abducted by aliens, rather than by humans messing around with innocent people. This experience is reported in detail here.

--Ken Bakeman