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Artwork: 'Hummels from Space'

I am a mixed media artist who has been using repurposed materials in my art for over 25 years. This particular piece has Hummel heads that were excavated out of the grounds surrounding German doll factories in Thuringia, Germany. These heads are broken parts that were put in the ground as a means of disposal. The craft itself is carved out of repurposed high-density urethane foam and then covered in beads and glass stones using a mosaic process. The glass dome is part of a jar that used to hold almond butter.

UFOs have also been popping up as a narrative element in my art through the course of my artistic journey. I have been fascinated with cryptids and UFOs since childhood. I even wanted to be a UFO researcher at one point in my childhood after watching J. Allen Hynek speak on a television program. I have been a listener of C2C since 1998 and find the programs to be an inspiration in my creative world. I listen to C2C as a Coast Insider member while I work on my creations.

--Betsy Youngquist


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