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Artwork: Three Glowing Objects

This drawing is of a childhood memory. It was an assignment for art class. It was Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1956. I was 8 years old. I received a cardboard tube reflector telescope from my uncle for my birthday. My brother, a neighborhood friend, and I took it out to the backyard to try out. We heard the sound of rushing wind or a jet aircraft coming from the East. We couldn't see it for the trees that were there. I thought maybe I could catch the jet in the telescope. What came over the tree tops, though, were three disk shaped glowing objects. They danced and swerved around each other as they crossed a starlit sky, and got to around North where they shot straight up and disappeared into the sky. We totally forgot about the telescope, and ran in and told my Mom. She didn't believe any of it. It happened.

--Ken Gulley