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Artwork: 'Morning Vision'

A few months ago, I awoke on a Saturday morning to what sounded like a cat meowing in my living room. Almost as soon as I heard this sound, I heard little footsteps running down the hallway towards our bedroom. With my eyes closed tightly out of fear, I heard something come into the bedroom, run around the bed that my wife and I were sleeping in, and then pause to look at the back of my head before it left the room and ran back down the hallway. I was so convinced that this had happened, that when I got out of bed, I grabbed the machete from our room and walked through the house with it. I didn't find anything, so I put the machete back, and I went into the dining room to collect my thoughts. I got out my paints, and I began painting this picture entitled 'Morning Vision.'

Here's the crazy part. When my wife got up, I told her what had happened and as she was looking at the painting I had done, she told me that she had just woken up from a dream in which she was flanked on either side by two beings. In the dream she said that she could only walk around in a small rectangular area (like a bed for instance), while she was being flanked by these creatures. She was understandably taken aback, as was I, when she saw the painting that I had done while she was asleep. I don't know if I painted her dream, or if she dreamed the experience of what had happened to me; either way, it's pretty weird!

--Scott Ward