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Disembodied Hand

While holidaying in Canada with my wife we went to Banff. At the Rose and Crown Pub we stopped for a light meal before heading back to Calgary on the bus. During our meal I had a feeling we were being watched and for a laugh decided to take a quick photo just in case I caught a ghost.Not thinking much more of it at the time I didn't actually check the picture until I got home to Australia when I was pleasantly surprised by this arm.

I sent the photo to the manager at the Rose and Crown pub asking if they had any history or incident that could account for this picture. The manager replied by e-mail thanking me for the image and explaining that: while he had recognized the regular guests in the photo he could not explain or identify the arm; he was happy to have the pic and said it would make an interesting addition to the Pub's history.



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Christopher Garetano shared details about the secretive Montauk Project. Followed by George Schwimmer on his theory that there were two Oswalds.

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