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Eclipse & Planetary Alignments

Monday night starting about 9:30 pm Pacific Time, there will be a Total Eclipse of the Moon reaching totality directly above the west coast of North America.

Weather permitting this will be a beautiful event to behold. Even if the clouds do not clear, the energetic effects will still be profound. This rare event includes an alignment of Sun, Moon, Pluto and Lunar Nodes closely aligned with the Galactic Equator. Although a Total Eclipse at the Southern Solstice has not happened for several centuries, the combination including Pluto and the Galactic Center does not happen more than once in 26,000 years.

The alignments point toward a deep realization of the greater dimensions of being and experience. This synergy with our larger dimensions will persist through the coming months magnifying our inherent abilities to see into deepest truth of our situation and to act consciously and in resonance with that truth. The Solstice alignment is squared by Jupiter and Uranus, bringing abundant insight and profound discoveries.

You are invited to participate in a global meditation focused on the Enlightenment of Humanity starting at 8:00 pm PST. You can participate with the ceremony via twitter (http://www.twitter.com/ncRising).

I have created an animation of the Eclipse and alignments which you can view at http://ncRising.com.

--Anthony J. McGettigan
Shamanic Astronomer


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