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Entity Caught on Full Spectrum Camera?

11-03-10-- My wife's father died 4 months ago. We have been taking care of his home and have it up on the market for sale. Right after his death my wife began hearing voices in the house. Her sister reported the same thing when she was alone there. Because of this a couple of months ago we began EVP sessions in the house. We have isolated 5-6 souls that seem to reside in the home. One of them sounds very Demonic whenever we have captured his voice. My wife's father told us on several occassions he was not comfortable in the house, there was something wrong with it. He had only lived there for a couple of years and bought the home right after it was built

Yesterday I recieved a Vivitar 10.1 Megapixel camera in the mail. The camera has been professionally converted to "see" into the Infra-red spectrum and the Ultra-violet spectrum. These spectrums of course our physical eyes do not see into. So last night after dark we went to the house. I found a small Black Light flashlight with only 3 LED's. I used this in conjunction with the camera and took approx. 50 shots.

I took three shots while in my Father-in-Law's bedroom pointing the camera down into his bathroom. I was taunting the "souls" in the house as I walked through, telling them that I was about to take their pictures, and the device I was holding would reveal them.

Apparently the "critter" I caught in the bathroom was attempting to hide from me. As you can see in the photo, he, or it, was hiding in the closet of the bathroom and peering out at me. One pic shows the bathroom as the pic was taken, the second pic was enlarged and cropped by me (inset).

I wasn't expecting results like this so soon, but it certainly seems to have captured him. There appears to be a hole in the top of his forehead right above his right eye (or socket where eye used to be) and he appears to have a full head of hair or locks.