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'Haboob' over Phoenix

On Saturday in Phoenix, I walked outside in the evening to look to the East and couldn’t believe what I was seeing, the wall of dust coming. It was another "Haboob" or so it’s what they call it. I couldn’t help but to snap several pictures and send it to Coast. I have lived in Phoenix for my entire life and have never witnessed these Dust Clouds before until last year 2011. They are happening more and more frequently and it’s scary... It only probably took no more than one to two minutes after I first saw the cloud, before we were fully engulfed. More Strange Weather. Not to mention Phoenix is usually hot, but this summer it’s like we have been stuck inside a cloud where the dirt, heat and pollution will not come out. It’s miserable and once again STRANGE. Also the date of the picture is on 07/21/2012,which is exactly five months away from the 12/21/2012 date…

--Nicole G.