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Lady Ghost?

June 3, 2012-- A group of my friends went to Angel’s Camp for a three day weekend and on Sunday we all decided to go to Columbia, Ca., a few miles from Angel’s Camp to explore the old gold rush town. They keep all the buildings and streets etc. in their original state of the 1870’s. We came to the Fallon Hotel and asked the clerk if the place was haunted and they said yes. So we asked if we could walk around and take pictures and they said that was fine.

I went upstairs and said in a clear voice that I was going to take pictures and if there was anyone here that would like their picture taken to please pose for my camera. I was using my old beat up Fiji digital camera, and started taking pictures. I would look at each picture after I took it and was please and surprised when this young lady appeared in my view finder. I got goose bumps. ...The one thing that really amazed me was the colors of the flowery dress she was wearing. What do you think?



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Founder of Black Box Voting, Bev Harris, talked about hackers and voting machines. Followed by Will Hart, sharing evidence for ET intervention.

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