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Message in the Plates?

On Friday, the 13th of October in 1967, I was involved in a head on motorcycle/car accident that cost me my left arm and nearly my life. After recovery, I noticed the licence plate from the bike was, in reality, a prediction of what was to have happened. The licence was "413T." The accident was recorded to have happened at 4 minutes to midnight on the 13 day of the Tenth month in Ontario in 1967. (All the info on the licence plate)
Four decades later, I was filming a short documentary about riding a bike with an arm missing. The camera man noticed that the dealer plate on the loaned motorcycle was shockingly similar. Starting in the centre of the plate, 4 decades later and following through, came 413T again. The dealer had never seen the original plate and was astonished at the coincidence. I never rode again.


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