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Mysterious Footprints

I had spent the night of September 3, 2007 at a friend's house and they called me completely unsettled the next morning. As they went about their morning, they discovered a trail of footprints coming out of an eight feet high ceiling and wandering down the wall all the way to the floor. The footprints trailed down the wall, went behind a very solid metal picture frame which had hung there for years, and the majority of footprints were found behind the frame almost as if the owner or owners were solid enough to contact the wall, but intangible enough that they passed through the picture frame. It almost seems as if they had trouble negotiating the frame as some of the the prints behind the picture are smeared.

The footprints are clearly not human in origin. There are only four toes and the distance between the toes and the pad of the foot is much too wide to be created by Homo sapiens. The majority of footprints were found just below the picture hanging bracket - behind the heavy picture frame. These prints were slightly more than 5 feet off the ground and oriented to appear as if they were walking down the wall.

The highest concentration of footprints are found beneath the picture frame and this is the only portion of the wall where the footprints are smeared. This is what led me to believe that whatever came into the room was physical enough to make contact with the wall but had problems negotiating the picture frame that it encountered hanging on the wall.

The prints are also much smaller than those that would be left by a human being - approximately 3 inches wide. Whatever left them was much smaller than a human being. Whatever made the prints left the room when the event was over. While the vast majority of prints walk down the wall as if entering the room from the ceiling, there's a single print, 7 feet 6 inches off the floor that's facing the opposite direction, heading toward the ceiling rather than the floor.

--Jeffrey Pierce