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Mysterious Sculpture

I found this artifact in a construction area in Smyrna, Georgia in 1976. I was scouting for scrap plywood to build a 1/4 pipe skateboard ramp,very early on. As southerners know, it rains a lot during winter and early spring, so the construction guys would be off for days at a time. While slogging through inch deep red clay, I came upon this artifact where a large section of clay had slid down a hill that was being cut out for apartment foundations.

I've submitted it to an accreditted institution,twice,with NO replies.It's made of a dense, heavy iron, with almost no rust (only surface contamination), and shows a humanoid figure. I wish I had more info.



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Prof. Bart Kosko discussed AI advances and his novel Nanotime. Followed by Nick Redfern on how the Russians used UFOs as part of a disinformation campaign.

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