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Mysterious Wheels Appear on Skin

Two persons, unknown of each other, separated by thousand miles noticed on one morning these strange marks on their skin. They had no idea how those have gotten there. Their common background is spirituality. One had an ayahuasca ceremony in Brazil the night before (left image), the second had a spiritual emergency (diagnosed as psychosis) following the appearance (right image).

The ayahuasca case happened in 2008. That time I personally examined the mark and saw the person being puzzled searching the Internet for answers. I was suspicious about someone else making it. However, the puzzle remained open: how can it be made? The left image looks like being made of small bleeds, the right image looks like a scar. The skin was sucked with a pipe? Hairdryer was used in the other case? No, the mark is small for that. If that was the case: Qui prodest? Who is the benefactor? Having no clear explanation I burried the whole issue and forgot about it (but kept the photo).

Then at the end of last year a patient came to my office (in Hungary) bringing a similar photo on him and told me his story what happened 5 years ago. The two persons involved, did not know about the other, did not seem to have an "agenda", a conscious goal to have it. Spiritual interest, spiritual goals, can be a common denominator. The closest thing is some Christian believers' stigmata: producing Jesus' wounds on themselves. However, those believers have a preconcept about what to come up with. These persons apparently have not any. I have posted these photos on Graham Hancock’s webpage.



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