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Painting: 'Freedom or Invasion?'

This painting started out completely different and was supposed to be a painting honoring Grandfather Martin of The Hopi People. The sketches were not satisfying me and I felt they were not worthy of that type of honor. I was stuck, so I walked away from the painting. About a week later, I fell ill. I could not keep anything down. I was refusing to go to the doctor. I started to have visions of many different beings, I felt as if they were talking to me. This is one of the visions I had. All of my visions felt as if love surrounded them. I also felt like I was not alone or in my own home. Was I so sick that I hallucinated or was I contacted or a bit of both? I am not sure. So I felt I would share this with the listeners. This painting is done entirely in water colors on a yellow paper. I worked on this piece almost 2 months total time.

--Vince Marmash


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