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Rectangles in a River Rock

Not too far from where I live in Trail, British Columbia a few miles further down the Columbia River just before you reach the US Border, there was once along side the river upon a plateau an old fort called Fort Sheppard. This plateau was also at one time a major camp spot the natives used when traveling the river by canoe. As I was walking along just looking around on the ground in a sandy area on one of the few beach areas, I noticed this rock and it caught my attention immediately.

The shiny fragments within the stone may possibly be some form of quartz, but I don't think nature forms rectangles very often — and especially after eons of water rounding the stone that this would show up as such in a river rock sample. The surface with the most rectangles is fairly flat while on the flip side it's almost nearly rounded and fits perfectly in the whole palm of your hand. On the rounded edge it will spin around with no wobble. The other strange oddity is on one end there appears to be a hex shape as on a hex nut and very faintly in the shape's centre there is a noticeable circle where a bolt would had been but now it's been 'sheared off'. Any suggestions what this could be? Got me befuddled.



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