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Sakkara Object Replica

I was recently touring the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. when I noticed something rather intriguing. In a room containing aircraft and artifacts from the beginnings of flight, I looked at an exact replica of the Sakkara Object that was found in a tomb in Egypt dating back to around 200B.C.

After looking at the object and reading its information, I walked out of the room, looked up, and immediately noticed "Space Ship One" hanging from the ceiling in the main entrance. That is when it struck me. I grabbed my camera and made photos of Space Ship One, then I went back and took photos of the replica of the Sakkara Object. The "tails" of both craft are identical !!! What are the odds of the first privately funded, non-governmental craft ever to fly into space sharing such an important design characteristic with one of the first ancient artifacts of a flying craft ever discovered that helped launch the research into the "Ancient Aliens" theory ??!!! I would love to know why the designers and engineers that built Space Ship One chose that particular tail design, and the performance advantages that particular design gave their craft in high altitude / sub-orbital flight.

--Lamont Cranston