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Sasquatch Drawing

In August, 1998, near Eagle Butte, South Dakota, around 7-7:30 am, I encountered a very large Sasquatch (10-11 ft tall), it stepped out of the trees, within about 5 feet of me. It was not pleased with my presence and escorted me out of the woods (it was the longest 300 yards of my life!) I really thought I was going to wind up as breakfast, but he didn't pursue me past the end of the treeline. Looking back, I believe he was protecting his family (perhaps I had entered their feeding area) and if my intended route had been a little different I would have never known he was there. I never saw him till he stepped out of the trees in front of me. I might be willing to go back and show someone the location, but only if I knew I could run faster than they could.

--Devin King


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