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Strange Lights on Game Camera

I purchased my game camera last fall, and since then I have taken literally hundreds of pictures of the same area (two miles south of Tulsa county) and they all look the same except for the ones that were taken on January 2 2010: at 20:58:44 something triggered the camera, it is set to take 9 pictures at a time one per second for 9 seconds, on the sixth, seventh, and eighth picture there is a strange light that looks as if it could be a laser beam coming from somewhere above the trees, I do not know the source of the light or even if it is a light, if you look at the picture with the time of 20:58:51 there is actually two beams of light, one of the lights can actually be seen reflecting off the snow. I do not know what this is. Perhaps someone could shed some light on the subject (no pun intended).

--Joe Mc


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