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The Usual Suspects

This was Day 3 of the Exopolitics 2011 "This Is Disclosure" Conference in Leeds, England. It was taken at about 10:15pm after a stunning lecture by Stephen Bassett. The rest of the speakers lined up for the Q&A session.

From left to right: Richard C. Hoagland (C2C Legend), Gary Hestletine (Rendlesham Investigator), David Griffin (Exopolitics Member & UFO Investigator), Nick Pope (Ex MOD UFO Desk Operative & General UFO Guru), Richard Dolan (UFO Historian & C2C Regular), Steven Jones (Abductee & Writer), Bridgette Grant (Abductee & Ex-Glamor Model), and Stephen Bassett (Disclosure Stalwart & Director of PRG).

Missing from the photo was Gerard Aartsen, Richard Lawrence, and Richard D Hall.

--David Priest


Last Night

Tim Ball argued that climate data has been manipulated and politicized. Followed by Fiona Broome on the Mandela Effect, ghosts, and faeries.

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