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Triangle UFO in KC

Evening of May 6, 2011. I was with some friends in the Cross Roads District of Kansas City, Seeing the contrails in the sky I commented, look "we're in the cross roads and there's cross roads above us!" The funny thing is we all looked up and never saw or even heard anything at all, no UFO or any other lights in the sky out of the ordinary... when we got home later that night I downloaded the pics I took on my iPhone and this is what I found...

Could it be that all the light emitted was InfraRed therefore we could not see them however they would show up on the the VGA cameras our phones have, I always use the camera on my phone to check my TV remotes to see if they're lighting up.... if they are infra red, that would explain that when it is dark out and people see the UFOs they give off a dim orange glow, hell if so they'd have a huge area on the ground well illuminated with IR when we can just barely see them...

--JC Friedrich


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