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Triangular UFO Near Pahrump

At 5 am on December 23rd [2011], I was driving from Pahrump NV to Las Vegas NV on HWY 160 to catch a plane back home to Texas when these 3 huge bright lights appeared in the night sky flying down the side of the mountain. I took picture from my phone while I was driving then it flew up along side of me and I pulled over and it stopped and hovered there about 10 yards off of the ground as I took a picture. Then right after I took the picture it flew straight up until it disappeared into the night sky. I got back in my car and drove to the airport. I believe this was the same road that Art Bell saw his UFO!!!



Last Night

Michael Masters posited UFOs as time travelers. Followed by Jack Sarfatti on the technology of the Tic Tac UFOs, and Rich Hoffman on anomalies of them.

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