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UFOs in Utah

2/6/2011-- Was outside for a smoke break and watching my kids play in the back yard (in Box Elder County, Utah). I was taking some pictures of my kids to send to their grandparents who live in Latin America. In the corner of my eye I noticed something move in the tree next to my home. I realized that it was some kind of aircraft or a UFO like object. I noticed there were a total of four as I looked through the branches of the tree. They were moving slowly.. much too slowly to stay in the air it seemed. So I pointed my camera at them and took a picture, not more than a couple seconds later they took off like a bat out of hell, out of my view towards the clouds over the mountains. I don't know what they were, never seen them before.

I would like to know if these aircraft are ours or some alien ship. They didn't seem to have wings, just a solid triangle with reddish lights on the corners and white area in the middle that pulsated with a real light blue hue. I didn't hear any noise at all. Completely silent.