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Unseen Companion

It was the afternoon of Memorial Day [2009], and I was in a nearby cemetery [in New Hampshire] playing with a technique for shooting infrared photos with my Nikon D100. This technique leads to some great images, and cemeteries are great subjects with the general mixtures of stone and foliage. Since it was Memorial Day, I ensured that I was alone before breaking out the camera gear, as I did not want to offend anyone. Well, when I reviewed the pictures, it appears that I may not have been as alone as I thought.

If you look to the left of the top left corner of the stone, there is a form similar to that of a person standing there. I will let you be the judge. The only manipulation of the photo was conversion to B&W and some brightness/contrast adjustments.



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Edward Carswell shared tips for preparedness and living off the grid. Followed by Ann M. Drake on working with our energy fields.

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