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X Marks the Spot

May 30, 2011-- While harvesting some medicinal herbs at the park near me (in Jersey City, NJ) I noticed a little boy pointing up at the sky. I hadn't realized that a series of these X formations were being made above me. The small plane would fly for a bit, turn the sprayer on to make the circle, turn off the sprayer and loop back to the circle to finish the X. What fascinates me is the precision and skill it took this pilot to turn the sprayer on and off at the exact moment for it to look like an X inside a circle without leaving any trails around it. For the next half hour I watched one small plane create a dozen of the these X formations that stretched about 2 miles around me.

--'Herbal Gardener'

Update-- The circle with an 'X' in the center is said to be a promotional image for the new X-men movie, "X-Men First Class."


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Edward Humes discussed how forensics have been used to wrongly convict people. Followed by Liam Cochrane on the dramatic cave rescue in Thailand.

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