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Halloween Gallery 2012 Part Two - Coast to Coast AM
Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2012. Part 1 of the Gallery can be found here. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork! Here is something I ...

Prophecy & occult expert John Hogue shared his predictions for 2012, a year that he foresees to be filled with change and... Jan22. Big Oil & Corporate Vultures.

MERLIN Project / Prophecy & Hidden Agendas - Shows
Jul 7, 2012 ... There is no need to worry about the world ending in December 2012. "The end of the Mayan Calendar is going to be about as interesting as ...

2012's Top Paranormal Events | Coast to Coast AM
Dec 31, 2012 ... Stephen Wagner of About.com has tallied a list of the Top Paranormal Events of 2012, including such categories as ghost photos & video, weird ...

2012: The Year in Crypto News | Coast to Coast AM
Jan 3, 2013 ... Sharon Hill at Doubtful News has compiled a review of the best cryptozoology news of 2012 .

Planet X and 2012 - Shows
Oct 6, 2012 ... John B. Wells welcomed author and publisher Marshall Masters for a discussion on the relationship between crop circles, Planet X, and 2012.

Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Tuesday - January 24, 2012. Seth Shostak is the Senior Astronomer for SETI ( Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). He's responsible for much of the outreach  ...

Unexplained Sounds - Shows
Feb 23, 2012 ... Recently, Linda interviewed two witnesses in Tennessee, who in separate locations, heard the Kiev-like horn sounds on January 18-19, 2012.

Ghost to Ghost 2012 - Shows
Oct 31, 2012 ... George Noory hosted the annual "Ghost to Ghost AM" Halloween show, where callers and guests shared tales of ghostly encounters and ...

Photo of the Day - 2012 - Photos - Coast to Coast AM
Have a photograph or image of interest to Coast listeners? Please visit our photo submissions section to learn how to send us your material. For music ...

ETs, Whistleblowers, & 2012 - Shows
Jan 4, 2009 ... Intuitive researcher David Wilcock spoke about the existence of ETs, whistleblowers' testimonies, stargates, and the coming of 2012.

Halloween Gallery 2012 Part One - Coast to Coast AM
Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2012. Part 2 of the Gallery will be posted on Wednesday night. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork!

Psychic Energy & Transformation/ Dowsing - Shows
Jun 14, 2012 ... In the first half, psychic reader and Reiki practitioner Lisa Barretta discussed the new waves of energy that are coming in 2012 which are part of ...

The 2012 Phenomenon - Shows
Nov 29, 2009 ... Regarding mainstream scientists who dismiss the idea of a 2012 event, Hoagland explained that this is because they refuse to examine the ...

2012 & Earth Activations - Shows
Nov 22, 2012 ... Esoteric researcher Drunvalo Melchizedek discussed the great Earth activations fueling 2012, the magnetic pole shift that is currently affecting ...

Creating a Ghost & Open Lines - Shows
Date Friday - August 17, 2012. Host George Noory Guests Joshua P. Warren, Todd Lincoln, Open Lines. Show Audio. Listen with Coast Player (Pop-up blockers ...

End of the Mayan Calendar Extravaganza - Shows
Date Friday - December 21, 2012. Host George Noory Guests Richard C. Hoagland, John Hogue, Major Ed Dames, Mike Bara, Barbara Marx Hubbard, L. A. ...

Halloween Gallery 2012 Part Two, Page 2 - Coast to Coast AM
Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2012. Part 1 of the Gallery can be found here. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork! What would a monster  ...

Halloween Gallery 2012 Part One, Page 2 - Coast to Coast AM
"Midnight" This oil on canvas is a portrait that I've done of my cat Midnight in a graveyard. She is unique because she wandered onto our property as a stray on  ...

Hallucinogens & T. McKenna - Shows
Date Sunday - November 25, 2012. Host George Knapp Guests Dennis J. McKenna, David Paulides. Show Audio. Listen with Coast Player (Pop-up blockers ...

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