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Halloween Gallery 2012 Part Two - Coast to Coast AM
Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2012. Part 1 of the Gallery can be found here. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork! Here is something I threw together for you guys and girls at C2C. A little Halloween art fun called " Why Not," because when I ran across this call for Halloween art on your website I  ...

Ghost to Ghost 2012 - Shows
Oct 31, 2012 ... George Noory hosted the annual "Ghost to Ghost AM" Halloween show, where callers and guests shared tales of ghostly encounters, and contact with the afterworld. In the first hour, political scientist and expert in relocation for personal security, Joel Skousen , discussed Hurricane Sandy as well as the ...

Halloween Gallery 2012 Part One - Coast to Coast AM
Here are our selections for C2C's Halloween Gallery 2012. Part 2 of the Gallery will be posted on Wednesday night. Thanks to all who sent in their artwork! " Harriet" --Tim Turner theghoulishgallery.com. "Lord Malshun" --Zach McCain zmccain@gmail.com zachmccain.com. ink & watercolor --Noel Tuazon ...

ETs, Whistleblowers, & 2012 - Shows
Jan 4, 2009 ... Intuitive researcher David Wilcock spoke about the existence of ETs, whistleblowers' testimonies, stargates, and the coming of 2012. He suggested that conditions in our galaxy have made human-type life plentiful. It's a myth that aliens are malevolent scary-looking creatures-- they actually look similar to ...

Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Giorgio Tsoukalos. Thursday - October 25, 2012. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has often been described as the real-life Indiana Jones. As a trailblazer he is changing the way the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory. He runs and is the Director of Research of the Center for Ancient.

2012: The Year in Crypto News | Coast to Coast AM
Jan 3, 2013 ... Sharon Hill at Doubtful News has compiled a review of the best cryptozoology news of 2012 .

Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Kendall Carver. Sunday - December 16, 2012. Upon graduation from the University of Iowa, Kendall Carver started in the insurance business with Washington National Insurance Company in Evanston, Illinois. In 1977 he was promoted to President and CEO of Washington National Life.

2012 - Mysteries & Anomalies
Discovered during a recent home chimney renovation, the skeleton of a World War II carrier pigeon has yielded a new mystery for historians as they struggle to decipher the encrypted message that was found attached to the bird. Oct 24, 2012. Ancient World, Creatures, Myths & Legends , Mysteries & Anomalies ...

2012 & Earth Activations - Shows
Nov 22, 2012 ... Esoteric researcher Drunvalo Melchizedek discussed the great Earth activations fueling 2012, the magnetic pole shift that is currently affecting humans around the world, and new ways in which humans will begin to perceive and communicate in the world.

2012 Election Special - Shows
Nov 6, 2012 ... George Noory hosted a special 5-hour show with coverage of the presidential election results, featuring a variety of guests offering their analysis of the outcome and what it means for the United States. In order of appearance: John Curtis , Greg Hunter , Mish Shedlock , Glynis McCants , Jerome Corsi Bev ...

Photo of the Day - 2012 - Photos - Coast to Coast AM
Photo of the Day - 2012 - Photos. Most Recent, Photo of the Day - 2015 · Photo of the Day - 2014 · Photo of the Day - 2013, Photo of the Day - 2012, Photo of the Day - 2011 · Photo of the Day - 2010 · Photo of the Day - 2009, ------------------------- -------------, Alternative History & Conspiracies · Alternative Medicine & Health ...

Alternate Realities/ 2012 Myths - Shows
Jan 15, 2012 ... In the first half, Col. John Alexander , along with Victoria Alexander , joined George Knapp for a discussion on alternate realities, and how their frequent trips to South America to meet with healers and shamans have changed their outlook on the world. During the latter half, independent scholar Paul Von ...

Predictions Special 2012 - Shows
Jan 1, 2012 ... George Noory starts the new year with predictions and prognostications for 2012 from professionals including psychic Joe Jacobs , numerologist Glynis McCants , astrologer Mark Lerner , and spirit medium Maureen Hancock .

In the News - Coast to Coast AM
Jun 8, 2012 ... NASA video reveals asteroid Vesta's complex surface. Sunday, June 10, 2012. A new video from a NASA spacecraft shows the huge asteroid Vesta's complex surface in dazzling and colorful detail. — Space.com. In The News ...

2012 & Nostradamus - Shows
Aug 1, 2012 ... Author and prophecy expert John Hogue discussed the prophecies of Nostradamus as well as how 2012 is a year of turmoil, with power struggles and class wars increasing dramatically as part of a global cycle. In the first hour, author Whitley Strieber talked about the Washington crop circle as well as ...

In the News - Coast to Coast AM
Saturn's Second 'Pac-Man' Moon Revealed in NASA Photos. Wednesday, November 28, 2012. New images from a NASA spacecraft orbiting Saturn have revealed a view any retro-gamer would love. — Space.com. In The News ...

Guests - Coast to Coast AM
Tim Ralston. Tuesday - January 24, 2012. Prepping isn't just a hobby for Tim Ralston, he's launching a business with his survival inventions. One of his inventions, the Crovel, is 13 survival tools in one and has been dubbed the " Swiss Army knife of shovels." Mr. Ralston is.

2012 Special - Shows
Jun 10, 2009 ... In a special show on 2012 and Mayan prophecy, three separate guests shared their perspectives. First, author/editor Robert Gleason talked about Mayan and Toltec cultures, and their ruler/deity, Quetzalcoatl. Then, author Daniel Pinchbeck discussed the Mayan concept that in 2012 we are aligning with the ...

Planet X and 2012 - Shows
Oct 6, 2012 ... John B. Wells welcomed author and publisher Marshall Masters for a discussion on the relationship between crop circles, Planet X, and 2012. There is no question in my mind that Planet X, or Nibiru, exists, Masters said. Scientific evidence points to the existence of a celestial body perturbing the orbit of ...

In the News - Coast to Coast AM
Oct 31, 2012 ... Why werewolves give us the willies. Sunday, October 28, 2012. Although researchers are deeply skeptical of purported wolfman sightings, they say we may be programmed to see wolvish threats in the shadows. — Cosmic Log. In The News ...

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