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Get News on Aliens & ETs | Coast to Coast AM
Catch up on what George Noory has discussed on past shows of Coast to Coast AM.

Ancient Aliens & 'Old Gods'/ UFOs & the Staff of Moses - Shows
Dec 3, 2017 ... In the first half, they discussed different notions of ETs, their connection to the 'old gods,' the UFO disclosure movement, and the ancient alien hypothesis. My current understanding of the phenomenon, said Peck, is that aliens or ETs are interdimensional or extra-dimensional in nature, and could be thought ...

Man Blames Aliens for Crime Spree | Coast to Coast AM
Oct 14, 2017 ... A Wisconsin man faces a litany of charges after repeatedly vandalizing a home purportedly at the behest of aliens!

Ancient Aliens Debunked - Shows
Dec 13, 2015 ... Chris White , ancient astronaut skeptic and director of Ancient Aliens Debunked , joined Dave Schrader to discuss evidence that such apparent anomalies as Puma Punku, the Pyramids, the Nazca lines, and the crystal skulls, all have earthly explanations. First hour guests, paranormal adventurers Greg ...

Ancient Aliens/ Open Lines - Shows
Jan 26, 2018 ... Ancient culture researcher Jason Martell joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) in the first half of the show to discuss the television show Ancient Aliens, his research into ancient astronaut theories and lost technology, and the current developments in disclosure. "There's a wealth of modern research...

College Football Coach Muses About Bigfoot and Aliens | Coast to ...
Sep 7, 2017 ... The colorful coach of the Washington State football team shared his thoughts on a number of paranormal topics during an odd moment at a recent press conference. Mike Leach's affinity for pirates and propensity to muse about science and history is what likely inspired the fan-submitted question asking for ...

Aliens Tell Abductee When the World Will End | Coast to Coast AM
Feb 12, 2016 ... A retired carpenter in Ireland claims that a stroll home from his neighborhood pub turned into an extraterrestrial encounter when he was abducted by aliens who told him when and how the world would end.

Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Aliens' on Mars | Coast to Coast AM
Jan 16, 2018 ... An indefatigable anomaly hunter believes that he may have spotted the proverbial holy grail of oddities on Mars: actual aliens. Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily noticed what appear to be two humanoid figures captured in an image from the Mars Curiosity Rover. He speculates that the figures may not ...

Alien-Human Hybrid Secret Invasion | Coast to Coast AM
Sep 25, 2015 ... An expert in UFO abduction cases suspects that alien-human hybrids may be living secretly among us, plotting a takeover right under our noses! On Coast to Coast AM former Temple University professor, alien abduction researcher and the author of "Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity" ...

Aliens & UFO Encounters - Shows
May 25, 2017 ... Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented her interview with Prof. Jim Al-Khalili on his latest book, "Aliens: The World's Leading Scientists on the Search for Extraterrestrial Life"; as well as discussions on face-to-face interactions with non-human entities, and a high strangeness UFO encounter.

Scientist Argues for 'Ancient Aliens' | Coast to Coast AM
Apr 25, 2017 ... An astronomer at Penn State has put forward a remarkable hypothesis that should sound familiar to UFO enthusiasts and ancient alien advocates.

Watch: 'Alien' Owls Filmed in India | Coast to Coast AM
Nov 21, 2017 ... An eerie video from a construction site in India became a viral sensation in the country as some viewers suspected that the footage featured aliens. Posted late last week on social media in India, the amazing video features two spooky- looking creatures seemingly standing on two legs and looking at the ...

Stranded 'Aliens' - Photos - Coast to Coast AM
While on a road trip from phoenix to san diego, we saw these roadside aliens near Desert View Tower off Highway 8 in Jacumba, California. It seems that their saucer broke down and they are stuck in this remote desert town. One appears to have become a Green Bay Packers fan, judging by the likes of his clothing.

Watch: Alien Filmed at Peruvian Gas Station? | Coast to Coast AM
Sep 1, 2016 ... A UFO researcher in Peru is trumpeting incredible video which he says captures an alien appearing at a gas station and being chased away by witnesses.

Elvis & the Aliens | Coast to Coast AM
In Michael Luckman's book Alien Rock, he writes about contacts Elvis Presley reportedly had when he was a young boy with beings from a world in the Orion constellation.

Aliens, UFO Cover-Ups & Disappearing Honey Bees - Shows
Apr 13, 2007 ... In the first half hour, Linda spoke with researcher Richard Dolan about government UFO cover-ups, evidence for a non-human presence on Earth, and the national security problems caused by the UFO/Alien phenomenon. Then, in the second half hour, abductee Jim Sparks talked about alien technology, ...

5 Medical Experiments from Alien Abduction Lore - Coast to Coast AM
Mar 4, 2016 ... In the annals of alien abduction research, one recurring facet of the phenomenon has proven to be particularly chilling: abductees being subjected to bizarre medical tests by ETs.

Alien Abductions & Implants - Shows
Oct 1, 2009 ... Researcher Derrel Sims discussed the evidence for alien abductions and implants, as well some of the hidden alien agendas. A number of abductee/ contactees may have served as unwitting surrogates for their alien abductors. Joining him in separate segments, were three abductees, all of whom had ...

Nancy Lieder - Coast to Coast AM
Alien contactee Nancy Lieder returned to the show to share communications she claims to receive from a group of "Zetas." Planet X is currently coming from the direction of the sun so it's difficult to see, she said. Recent reports of the "10th Planet" in our solar system are a distraction from the dangers we face from this larger ...

Illuminati & Conspiracies/ Aliens Among Us - Shows
May 11, 2016 ... In the first half, documentary filmmaker, writer, and radio host Alex Jones discussed a variety of topics affecting our nation, including the race for the presidency, the Zika virus, and the latest on the Illuminati/Global Elite. In the latter half, Whitley Strieber talked about his encounters with the 'Visitors,' his alien ...

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